A Post that Contains a BWS Gallery

As of 10/07/12 this plug-in appears to be broken in my configuration.

These are steps to create a gallery using the BWS Galleries Plugin:

You will be creating 2 “posts” a BWS Galleries Post and a Container Post. The plugin seems very temperamental to me, but I like the results. Example wednesdayeveningfiddlers.rivermaple.net/2012/04/28/woodstook-fiddle-doo-28-apr-12/

    1. Install BWS Galleries Plugin (already installed here on RiverMaple.net)
    2. Create a Galleries post: Dashboard>Galleries>Add New. (A BWS Gallery is a special type of post that is not visible until it is inserted into another regular post that I’m calling a container post.)
    3. Upload the pictures into this gallery post. I am having better luck with the standard Upload/Insert button above the text window, not the BWS Galleries uploader below the text window. You need to upload pictures in the order you want the pictures to appear in the slide show. (At least I can’t figure out how to reorder them once they are uploaded.)
    4. Publish this BWS galleries post.
    5. After publishing, note the post number (..post=XXX…) buried in the URL (aka web address) at the top of the browser window. This is the gallery-id-number.  You will be adding this number to a short bit of code, the “insert-gallery-code”. This code will make the gallery visible in the container post you will create next.
  1. Create a New Post (Format: Standard post, not Gallery?) that will serve as the container post for the gallery you just created above.
  2. In Visual text entry, type this insert-gallery-code:
    print_gllr id=XXXX
    (surrounded with with square brackets[ ]) replacing XXXX with the Gallery-id-number (the Galleries’ post number) you noted in step 1E above.
    I see that the
  3. Publish Container Post
  4. You’re Done!
  5. To Edit this Container Post (not the gallery) Use the “Edit” button on the blog page  /or the Dashboard>All Posts  /or the “Edit Post” link in the WordPress Admin header. The “Edit” button in the container post links to the Gallery Post, not the Container Post.
  6. The text below is on the Gallery post:

[print_gllr id=74]